Friday, August 17, 2007

I Am NEVER Postin On This Shit Again

But I will post here:

as in

Its a sick world we live in (without spaces

Friday, August 10, 2007

Run For Your Lives You Silly Little Bitches.

This team just as i said on our short lived blog of is diss fucking functional. yesterday was our open house and we had to clean up the office for the guests. Nobody wanted to volunteer for the chores. except for Shareef who volunteered to mop and kaira who swept. So when i say nobody what i really mean is mike and frankie. I decided to clean the kitchen and i told mike to clean the bathroom since he was gonna leave soon. an hour before the open house. the bathroom was something that could be done early. bikes have to be done late so do dishes. Of course as my first day as team leader mike just brushed it aside. but i was busy in the kitchen and i had hoped that as his former leader shareef would step up and get mike to get the shit done. but of course mike just sits there. and rich and shelise are gettin at us about nothin gettin done. then frankie comes in off of a story and i told him he could chill for a second but shit needed to be done. so after he cooled off that he could take out the trash. I gave it to him just becuase i thought it was fairly easy. i didnt want to give him the more arduous tasks lilke mopping or the kitchen cuz i was just put into this leader role and i knew that if i flexed the position early i would get resistance. but franky sits and mike sat on their asses and got upset when i had to keep coming back to them to tell them to get up. oh im sorry if after the fifth time of shelise and rich comin to me i sound a little annoyed when i ask you to get the fucking garbage. And i didnt give a shit if u on andre the giant status.

And rich kept alkin about how hasha was in the video room together and how they looked like a team cuz they were planning like a group. Our team could not afford to be together seeing as how each person had something to do. im in the kitchen kaira is sweeping maurice is mopping, mike is in the bathroom and frankie is on garbage. then right after that the open house begins. i was hoping that today we would be able to but aint nobody come in besdes myself kaira nyiesha and alana.

Planning in the video room for our presentation and I... you know what I'll save that 1 for l8r.

sneaky perosons in this office talkin shit and bein on some sideways shit. Ahh man i would say the names if knew who it was and i took em seriously but alas i dont so fuk it imma keep movin. Silly little bitches...

I suppose I should do a rant seeing as how I havent done one i a while.

YOU ARE A BITCH! yes you reading this shit right now. Not just you ur cousin, ur brother, ur chiropractor and ur next door neighbor. WTF city do we live in? last time i checked it was new york. Why r all of you scred to be out past 12? Is this not the city that operates on the motto "Fuck You"? Stop pussyfying NY. Grab ur balls an live. Oh my Oprah the terrorists. Oh my god what am i gonna do? what am i gonna do? im such a little scared bitch the terrorists are coming. The food is contaminated. Its flu season. Apparently the world is coming to and end. And so the fuck what if it does? It aint like we been doin shit worhtwhile anyway. All we got to show for a few million years is Mcdonalds and American Idol. If a terrorist nuclear attacked manhattan right now you would be dead before you even noticed the what happened. They say ur eyes melt out of the sockets before you hit the floor. By the time you recognize oh well too late. You take the long way home cuz its safer and you could still die in some freak accident shit. You know what ur problem is. You watch too much goddamn news. Think about what is on the news. Some bullshit celbrity story, another Iraqi insuergency story and global warming. Its all nonsense if you listen to the news you get all paranoid. Ok some kid shot up his college in but fuck georgia. Its unfortunate but life goes on. Apperently we are slipping away from the moon. Oh really. and how many centuries is it gonna take before the sea goes uncontrollably loose and washes New York into a watery abyys with Atlantis? Do you recognize that the crime rate in new york has been steadily droppin the last ten years but the news reports ever more crime. And every year we all go into a frenzy about whatever new bullshit germ is out. wasnt it avian this year? Nobody ate chicken. when it was madd cow disease I ate cheeseburgers. And look at me. I'm physically ok. stop sheilding urself from germs. u have an immune system for a reason. Let the white blood cells practice on the common cold germ so tha way when you come across some bubonic plague type shit; they beat that shit LAPD style. The fuckin sky is falling were all gonna die. I heard they poisoned the Twinkies. Oh fuck I guess we all gon die cuz i gotta have my Twinkies. Cyanide or no cyanide.

"Blow ur brains out
I'm blowing mines out
Fuck it you only live once, you might as well die now."


Thursday, August 9, 2007

That blew mines

Yo true story, I'm not even feelin this Team Fusion thing but it's whatever. How do you combine two teams with like a week left, lol, i don't understand that. Even though they combined our points, if we win I'm not gonna have the same satisfaction I would if I would have won on Team Swagg. It's hard to adjust with a week left because we now have to work with new members we haven't worked with. That's just how I feel but idk, hopefully things will work out. To top it off, we got our open house in a cuople hours, and we have to have a presentation for tomorrow. Maybe the two teams will come together and work well with each other. Well im outta here, just had to let yall know how I feel. 100